Emporium-Collections Luxury Concierge Service For Bespoke Membership

The world is your oyster, literally!

The tremendous potential of the luxury concierge service witnesses its culmination in the shape of Emporiums-Collection’s Bespoke membership. The package has been astutely designed to satiate the extravagant ambitions of the crème de la crème of the luxury travelers. Our ‘invitation only’ criterion encapsulates the fastidious nature of this membership, matching the exclusiveness of its potential members. 

The highly elaborate acquisition process involves perusal of the interested clients on pre-defined hand-picked experiences. The comprehensive procedure is a worthwhile proposition as it would effectively shape into an exemplary concierge service complimented notably by an exquisite butler and chauffeur service with a lifestyle agent reporting for service 24/7. 

The Bespoke membership would empower its distinguished members to have access to the ultimate of posh properties on the planet, truly exclusive in their nature. This is not just restricted to accommodations as the revered members would savor VIP access to real estate appointments, designer collections, lifestyle events and more.

The Bespoke Membership is ideal for guests looking to enjoy luxury experiences but also access to VIP events and venues all over the world.

The Bespoke Members enjoy guaranteed availability at our carefully curated bespoke member Hotels & Experiences with full access to the most sought-after Private & Penthouse Suites where guaranteed availability awaits our members. Private Jet and Yacht bookings with priority service guaranteed.

unmistakable style, understated and elegant

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Our Luxury Concierge Service includes:

Luxury Travel Arrangements
Yacht Charter Bookings
Private Jet Reservations
VIP Access
Special Events
Spa & Wellness Reservations
Members Club Introductions
Pre-Collection Designer Shopping
Real-Estate Appointments
VIP Photography

Limited only by your imagination