Dedicated Membership Luxury Concierge Service

Our unparalleled network of contacts ensures that our Dedicated Members get the very best life has to offer – no matter where they are in the world.

Emporium has always aspired to unveil the charms of a truly luxurious lifestyle for its revered members. Our Dedicated Membership is a testament to this reality, providing its esteemed guests the crate Blanche to shape a uniquely gratifying hospitality experience. 

Staying true to its name, the Dedicated Membership pertains to the corporate sector that progressively looks to incorporate the flamboyant element of recreation in their luxury accommodation. The package presents an immaculate blend of work and entertainment, presenting an exquisite collection of exclusive concierge services at your disposal. A relishing jet and yacht experience make an ostentatious entry to the proposition, pledging to provide the highlight reel of the business stay. The amenity of private jet reservations corroborates the Dedicated sensation, which is typically the essence of this membership. Our focus areas include corporate Dedicateds, family offices & venture capital firms globally.

The access to highly coveted luxury concierge services facilitating the corporate engagements and fashioning impeccable travel arrangements for Michelin star restaurants and dining experience is certainly the pinnacle of a truly Dedicated hospitality experience, an aspect vehemently employed by our Dedicated membership. The magnitude of the exclusive luxury services can be enhanced by additional remuneration on top of the package. 

The Dedicated membership flaunts a poignant mix of concierge services, which is referred below.

We specialize in the most exclusive and the most highly restricted inventory.
As an Emporium Dedicated Member, you have access to only the most sought-after, both private and premium suites along with exotic experiences, customized according to your unique tastes and preferences.

Our Luxury Concierge Service includes:

Luxury Travel Arrangements
Yacht Charter Bookings
Private Jet Reservations
VIP Access
Special Events
Spa & Wellness Reservations
Members Club Introductions
Pre-Collection Designer Shopping
Real-Estate Appointments
VIP Photography

Limited only by your imagination

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